Filtering is accessed through the Layer Menu and supports faceted data exploration. As many filters as necessary can be applied to the layer allowing specific searches to take place.

Depending on the type of data in the column, either a categorical and quantitative filter will be presented. This filtering functionality supports quick, dynamic data querying and exploration.

Filter Controls

The following controls are available for managing filters:

  • Remove Filter: Removes the filter and changes the map selection.
  • Custom Chart: Each column in the layer can be used as the basis for creating a custom chart.
  • Minimize Filter: Save space in the layer list by minimizing the categorical or numeric filtering.

Categorical Filter

Categorical filters are used for textual data.  Selecting more than one category acts as a logical OR.  In the example below, selecting the two land use types will select blocks that have either the land use of City Commercial or Industrial Focus.

Numeric Filter

Numeric filters are available for numeric data in a reference layer.  

  • Use the slider or the text boxes to adjust the lower and upper bounds for the filter.
  • In the example below, the filter selects all blocks that have between 210 and 400 dwelling units.
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