The data table displays data associated with layers and appears when a layer is activated. If there are no selections or filters on the layer, the table will display the layer's entire dataset. If a map selection or filters have been applied, the table will be appropriately filtered. 

Data Table Overview

Summary Statistics

Summary statistics provide additional context information about each metric in the layer.  The summary statistics are displayed in two ways.

Set the Column Summary Statistic

To set the summary statistic that appears above the column name, choose from the following options:

Sum - The sum of all values in the column
- The mean of all values in the column
- The smallest value in the column
- The largest value in the column

*Sum and mean column summaries for rates (e.g. "Water use per capita") do not account for weighting by another column (e.g. "Population"). Therefore, the sum or mean for columns like "VMT per capita" and "Energy use per household" is just the sum or mean of the values in the column.

On Hover

Hovering over a metric name in the data table will bring up the full set of summary statistics for that metric.

Data Table Export

To export the data table to a comma separated file, select the Export As CSV button to initiate the download.

Row and Column Count

The Row count represents the number of selected spatial objects selected in the layer and the total number of spatial objects in the layer.

The Column count represents the number of data columns available in the layer.

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