The Paint Tracking charts summarize the changes made in a Scenario. The charts track the scenario allocations relative to the Base Scenario--this means that changes in population, dwelling units, and employment that result from the painting process will be displayed.

The paint tracking chart can be accessed by selecting the Chart icon on the Map Tools.

Four charts are displayed when in Paint Tracking Mode:

  • Summary: Displays the total population, dwelling units, and employment in the paintable layer
  • Dwelling Units by Type: Displays the total number of dwelling units by dwelling unit type (Detached Single Family, Attached Single Family, and Multifamily)
  • Employment by sector: Displays the total number of employees by employment sector (Retail, Office, Public, Industrial, Agricultural, Military)
  • Building Square Feet by Type: Displays the total amount of of non-residential building area by employment sector

Note: If you hover the mouse onto the horizontal chart, it displays the base value and the corresponding sector's  increments or decrements according to the building type or place type painted.

The change details reflect the increments or decrements in the selected area according to the building or place type you added onto the scenario, and it gives you a clear idea of the growth possibilities.

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