Layer join allows you to use geometries in one layer to select geometries in a second layer. 

In this example, we will identify parcels that intersect with bus stops in Lexington, Kentucky

Lesson Overview

Step 1 - Prepare Your Site

We will use the Transit Stops reference layer to find the parcels those transit stops are located in.

To get started, prepare your workspace in UrbanFootprint by:

  1. Turning the Transit Stops layer on.
  2. Activating the Base Canvas.
  3. Drag the Transit Stops layer above the Base Canvas in the layer list to make it visible

Your map should appear as follows (your map may vary based on your project location:

Step 2 - Open the Filter Menu

Open the Filter menu for the Base Canvas layer.

  1. Open the menu in the Base Canvas.
  2. Select Filter from the Layer menu.

The Customize menu should now be open:

Step 3 - Join with the Transit Stops Layer

Join two layers together to compute their spatial intersection:

  1. Select the Join layer
  2. Select the Transit Stops layer

You have now completed a spatial selection by joining layers together.  The parcels in the Base Canvas that intersect with Transit Stops are selected.

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