All layers in UrbanFootprint can be filtered, and basing a new layer on applied filters can be useful for creating dynamic exhibits.

Step 1 - Open the Filter Menu

Select the layer that you’d like to filter by selecting the Layer Menu icon and then selecting “Filter.”

Step 2 - Apply Filters or joins to your Canvas Layer

For this example, we want to create an exhibit showing all parcels within 125 meters of transit stops.

  1. Create and join the canvas to a buffered Transit Stop Layer (Learn how to create a buffered layer here).
  2. Notice that the system selects all matching Map Features in the Base Canvas.
  3. Click the Save Layer button to create the new filtered layer.


Step 3 - (Optional) Set the Name and Description for the Layer

A window in which you can enter the layer name and description. We recommend that you name your layer so that locating it on the layer list is easier.

Once completed, Select OK to save your reference layer. You have now created a new layer using filters. The newly created layer is available in the Layer List for use.

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