For more details about these modules, take a look at our Household Cost Module Technical Documentation 

The Household Cost module estimates annual household costs associated with passenger vehicle transportation, residential energy use, and water use. Analyzed together, these represent dimensions of housing affordability as it relates to location efficiency and housing type. Comparative results for household costs demonstrate differences between scenarios. The differences are due to scenario travel characteristics and building programs, which impact vehicle miles traveled (VMT), energy use, and water use results. 

Household costs are also subject to technical assumptions about vehicle and building performance, as well as cost assumptions about utilities, fuel, and vehicle ownership and maintenance. The VMT, building energy use, and water use calculations upon which household cost estimates are based are described in the Transportation, Energy Use, and Water Use modules’ documentation.

Household costs are subject to changes in VMT, building energy use, and water use, as well as assumptions reflecting assumed price changes and improvements in fuel efficiency. 

Household Cost Chart Summary

The chart summary for Household Cost analytics is based on the 2016 valuation of the U.S. Dollar and includes:

  • Total Annual Household Costs for Transport and Utilities - Total annual household costs for driving and energy/water utilities 
  • Annual Costs Per Household for Transport and Utilities - Average annual household costs of driving and energy/water utilities
  • Household Transportation Costs Breakdown - Average annual household automobile costs
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