This article will step you through the suite of features used to layout and export print maps. 

UrbanFootprint has two options for exporting maps:

Map snapshot

Click the camera button to export a snapshot of your current map view. This option does not include any configuration settings (image size, legend, etc).

Map layout

Click the export button to lay out a map for export. This option includes multiple configuration settings. The rest of this article walks through each of these settings. 

How to use map layout

When you click the Export button in the map toolbar, it will open the layout window.

Page setup options

Map position (aka bookmarks)

Set the map to your desired location and zoom level. Open the map position menu to save it. Click on a saved map position to move the map to that location and zoom level. This feature is helpful when going back and forth between explore mode and the map layout window because it allows you to return to a specific location with a single click. 

Map scale

Choose from one of the preset options or type a custom scale value into the field and hit ENTER.


Choose between landscape and portrait.

Page/Image size

Select your desired print or image size.

Image quality

Select your desired print or screen resolution.


Choose whether to include or exclude the basemap. 

Legend options


Select one of these options:

  • On page - legend overlaid on the map
  • Separate file - legend exported as a separate image file along with the map
  • No legend

In the demonstration below, you can see the different legend placement options. 

Layers to include

By default, all layers that are visible on the map are selected, and therefore appear in the legend. You can choose to exclude one or more of them so that your legend only includes the relevant layer information. 

Only layers that are checked on in the Explore Mode layer list will appear in the map layout window. Uncheck any layers that you want to exclude from the legend export (the layers will remain visible on the map, but will not appear in the legend). 

Note: Every time you close the map export window and reopen it, the selection will be reset to match what layers are visible on the map in explore mode.

In the demonstration below, you can see how layers on the map can be excluded or included in the legend.

Classes to include

Choose between these two options:

  • Only visible on map - Only the categorical values visible in the current map extents will appear in the legend
  • All classes - All categorical values will appear in the legend, whether they are visible in the current map extents or not.

In the demonstration below, you can see how choosing to include only classes on the map results in a bigger or smaller legend.

Overlay options


You can add a title to your map by typing in the Title field. Turn the title on/off using the toggle button.


Keep the UrbanFootprint logo on your map or upload an image of your own. Any image you upload will be available in all your projects. It will also be available for all accounts in your organization using UrbanFootprint. 

North arrow and scale bar

Include/exclude the north arrow and/or scale bar on the map by clicking the toggles.

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